PAX West 2016: Vermintide

***I currently have no ability to put an age-gate on my site. That’s why there is no gameplay trailer. It’s a bit much and I would get into trouble.***

Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide (Vermintide from here on out) came out a bit ago on Steam and is now on its way to PS4 and Xbox One on October 4th. Once again, 1st/3rd person shooters/melee games are a bit rough on me with controllers, but I did really well on the PS4 version. It may have helped that I was playing a Dwarf, but who’s to say one way or another.

The game was running smooth and looked great. I did lament not having a mouse for a quicker look around, but I believe they’ve toned the game down a bit because of that. The city streets can get really twisting and I got lost a few times… or maybe I was just retracing my steps to make sure no Skaven escaped my justice. Either way, I look forward to trying out the magic class because the CG video made them look flashy and awesome. I’ll probably stray away from the Elves because I’m not the biggest fan of them. In fact a developer had to stop me from trying to kill my ally because he looked like Skaven to me and I kept wailing on him in the middle of combat. He was hunched over the whole time; how was I to know?

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