Kickstarter Highlight: Popup Dungeon

They made it to $100k! Popup Dungeon is going to Wii U!

While I did mention this game on the Facebook page for The Backlog. I don’t feel like I gave it enough press. I’m not here to do a full on presentation, but rather let you watch this sweet video:

So much customization, how could you not be excited about that. Maybe you’re thrown off by the style they went with though. If that is honestly your opinion, then I would ask you to reconsider. Ok, maybe it’s a little different from the norm. The people at Triple.B.Titles make solid games. If you like dungeon crawlers, I think you should give this a shot for just $15 on the Kickstarter.

I didn’t think they would make it if I was being honest. $80,000 was a huge milestone even given how excited I was for the game. They hit that mark and they are still going! (Congratulations guys and gal!) That’s a lot of people believing in this concept. Here’s my thing though: I want to play this on my Wii U and they have a stretch goal I believe they can make! They only need $15,000 more and you’ll be seeing this bad boy on Nintendo’s latest home console! That’s freak’n sweet! Maybe I’m just a Nintendo fanboy and this pushed the right buttons, but I’m excited to see what they’ll do with the Gamepad.

Jonathan Amarelo Sig

Love it or hate it, let me know!