Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 is This Week!

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Starting Sunday, January 5th, and lasting throughout the week the speedrunning site will host one of its biannual charity events, Awesome Games Done Quick.  Last year’s event raised the most money for charity of any solo gaming event ever, and this year’s event is looking to beat that record.

What is speedrunning? Speedrunning is completing a videogame as fast as humanly possible, by any means possible, including using in-game glitches.  A speedrunning marathon like the AGDQ is several games being speedran one after another, usually with commentary, announcements, and some interactivity with donors in the form of voting (with dollars donated) for what to name in-game characters, for certain notable runners to perform bonus levels or odder tricks, and other perks.

If one game’s speedrun is just a fun movie to watch, a speedrunning marathon is a whole party.

Check out the schedule of who’s running what game when at the official website and join in at

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Love it or hate it, let me know!