Dwarven Delve Kickstarter Is Live *Demo Is Live*

Dwarven Delve is one of those gems at Pax that I just never got around to talking about.  Life and stuff… it just takes up your time doesn’t it?  Moving on, Dwarven Delve is an action, puzzle crawler.  It’s an odd mix to be sure, but it was a lot of fun at Pax, I can’t wait to see it when it’s completed!  They’ve just started up a Kickstarter to help finalize everything in their already impressively not complete game.  I thought it was mostly done at Pax, but I guess I was wrong.

I like their quote on their Kickstarter page that Dwarven Delve is “… Diablo meets Pipe Mania! An Action Puzzle Crawl in which you change the dungeon layout on the fly using rotating tunnel sections.”

I won’t go too long into describing it, like I wouldn’t describe Tetris; the video does a great job of showing you the game as it is.  One thing that I noticed when I played it was that while they give you six Dwarves to play with, There are a few that seem to be too good that I can’t imagine a party without them.

I picked up the Wayfinder, Stonebreaker, Godbinder, and Tinkersmith simply because they all have abilities that let me fight indirectly while still being able to get through the map.  Granted that makes it more of a puzzle game than action, but that’s just how I roll sometimes.  There will be some levels where I’ll have to switch it up, no doubt, but until then I’ve got my party already.

Mark Jessup Dwarven Delve 2
If you need any other reason to support this game, it’s that their marketing guy is awesome. The rest of the team is also pretty cool, but you know my thing with all things Dwarven, I think they’re awesome!

So go give them your love over at their Kickstarter, Facebook, and Greenlight them on Steam for crying out loud!  We need more new games that rock!

(…and have Dwarves)


The demo is now live and I’m allowed to share it with others so get’s the clicking or the downloading! Their in browser demo can be found here and you can get a downloadable demo here from their Kickstarter.

They are at roughly 30% as of this post edit so if you like what you play, drop them some money and tell your friends about it!

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    “games that rock”

    Yeh, I guess pun intended even though I didn’t think about it when I was writing the post.


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