Dead Pixel Giveaway Winners Announced (Finally!)

Ok so yeh… it may have taken a lot longer than expected to finally get around to posting the winners of the latest giveaway.  Sorry about that (kind of…).  So without further ado, here are the winners!

First – Christopher “Lammz” Lamm

“HEY DU- ahem… hey dude, it’s the Lammz.
So, the zombie apocalypse happens and I can only have one weapon??  That’s just not fair.  So to start, I’ve got knives, because it’s me, and we both know if crap goes down, I’ll have at least one knife.

For my main weapon however, I choose irritable bowel syndrome.  And rainbows.  Together.  Triggered by the simple pull of a tail.  That’s right: Mr. Toots.  Why?  Because with a zombie apocalypse in full swing, things are looking pretty bleak, and what better way to cheer someone up than a rainbow strewn across the night sky (unless you’re in its line of fire, then it will just melt you).  Second only to pyrovision goggles, but I can’t remember where I stashed them…

And come on, it’s a unicorn that farts rainbows!  Do you really need any other reason?  And if he ever gets an attitude or runs out of “ammo”, he doubles as lunch (see ThinkGeek’s Unicorn Prime Cuts diagram).”

For those totally weirded out by his post and think he’s just crazy (which he is, but that’s neither here nor there), here’s a video for proof that his weapon is legit:

Second – Alex “Obey” Kueneman

Epic art as expected of the this talented lad.
TVGBL Zombie Weapon

Third – Miles “Mileson” Dompier

“A Shotgun is the ultimate zombie-killing weapon. Nothing could get close if you have a semi-auto. Plus Ash from Army of Darkness uses one and he is the coolest man I know.”

To give a little extra flare, this is a short clip of what Mileson is talking about… in case no one has seen (which they should) Army of Darkness:

So there you have it folks, the three winners of the Dead Pixels contest.

Like I said before, this will be the last giveaway for a bit.  If I start getting more comments on the site in general I’ll consider doing another, but there is a drastic lack of participation on this site so it almost doesn’t feel worth it.  I’m still gathering some games for future giveaways.  So if you were worrying… don’t, they will return.  So tell your friends about the site, comment more, and enjoy TVGBL and free things will be given to you!

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