E3: Here’s What I Think (PS4 Edition)

Skip to the 36 minute mark to get to content that isn’t filler.

Sony made a valiant E3 showing. They started by showing off some of the PS3 and Vita games. There were some pretty awesome things. A lot of stuff you already knew about (The Last of Us), some you may not have (Beyond Two Souls). I’m not much for The Puppeteer game they showed off, but I’m sure some other people were excited about it Rain, and any driving game that wasn’t Mario Kart (just say’n).

Holy crap, they actually showed the console.  It actually looks pretty good.
Holy crap, they actually showed the console. It actually looks pretty good.

Notes of interest:

-too many other “apps” including Flickster, Redbox… nifty, you can rent and stuff
-20+ games lined up for the launch “window” with a 3rd being new IP’s (The Order 1886)
-1:15:57 has a sweet tech demo that shows off the power of the PS4 and showing the dark magic is for old white people who can’t remember their lines(but it’s shiny)
Transistor showing that indie games will be freak’n sweet and apparently the PS4 allows indie devs to “self publish their own content” (indie loves starts around 1:10-ish
-D3 will have exclusive Playstation items… will it have PVP? lol
-SquareEnix says you’re welcome with the new Final Fantasy Versus XII/XV and Kingdom Hearts, but I’m apparently the only one that says “Meh” to that…

Watchdogs using a tablet on the PS4?
Watchdogs using a tablet on the PS4?

-PS4 disc-based games have no used game restrictions and don’t need to be connected online to play
-PS+ memberships carry over from PS3/Vita to PS4

Sounds like you’ll need Plus membership to play multiplayer games online, but for $5 a month plus all the other things you get… that ain’t bad.

-$399 price point, under cutting the Xbox One by $100

So with their exclusives, well made titles and features, Sony looks like they could be taking the proverbial cake this next upcoming cycle of consoles (hopefully now in 1080P amiright?).

*Edit* It was brought to my attention that the Playstation Eye/Camera isn’t going to be bundled with the PS4.  I am not concerned, not do I feel this is a pricing gimmick.  Ok, it’s a little bit of a pricing gimmick since the Kinnect 2.0 comes with the Xbox One, but that’s only if they could put the PS Camera to some good use.  Do you remember their tech demos at the PS4 announcement though?  If they can not include that, drop the price and keep up on R&D for motion controls and come out with something I think is not junk, then color me satisfied.  I cannot begin to tell you how surprised I would have been had Sony come out and showed a motion controlled game that made me have second thoughts… it would have blown my mind.

2 thoughts on “E3: Here’s What I Think (PS4 Edition)

  • June 13, 2013 at 19:28

    For one of the first times since I bought an original XBox to I feal that Sony wants to go out of their way to not really “one up” (pun completely intended) XBox, but to give what those gamers that play both system actually want. Color me impressed.

    • June 13, 2013 at 19:46

      They really did need to do a great job on this presentation and they did. I’m still not 100% either way or if I’m going to buy one or the other, but it definitely is a harder decision now.


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