Dead Pixel Giveaway Extended, Other Giveaways On Hold

Jonathan Amarelo Sig

Hey guys, much to my chagrin, only one person entered the contest for Dead Pixels. I fail to believe only one person I know would actually be interested, so because of this, I’m extending the deadline another two weeks.

On that same note, while the first giveaway went better, it didn’t go well either so I think I’m going to call off doing them for a bit until this site gets more active. I try to keep my contests fairly simple, and they are for good reason. It’s specific yet broad enough to let the readers use their imagination and not pigeon hole them into the same type of entry for everyone (which would be boring). Entering the contest via email (not by commenting below) is for when this site gets larger than 10 visitors a day big. That way when TVGBL does a giveaway, there is an established norm. So I’d apologize to all of those that enjoy them, but I don’t honestly think there are many right now so I guess it’s cool.

Below will be a reposting of the rules for you undecided. Good luck on those who try to enter the Dead Pixels Contest, and I’ll see you next post!

Now go and kill you some zombies.  They need it, it's their only mission in life, besides getting brains.
Now go and kill you some zombies. They need it, it’s their only mission in life, besides getting brains.


The Rules of the contest!

1.  So the zombie Apocalypse has arrived and you are all alone.  What weapon would you bring and why?  It can be funny, realistic, campy, artsy, or just plain crazy!  Wanna draw a picture?  Sure!  Can’t draw, but can think up a crazy story, do it!  (I can’t draw a stick figure to save my life so don’t feel bad if you fit into category number two.)  Keep in mind that while you can write some funny stuff, I have to personally read it so books aren’t fully appreciated unless they are that good.

IMPORTANT: Remember to not be offensive in your entries.  If you’re questioning whether or not what you are doing is offensive or not, that’s probably a good sign to not do it.  I would like to post the stories/reasons and/or pictures on the site.

2. Email your entry to with “DEAD PIXELS CONTEST” in the subject.  Remember to give your name or nick-name that you use to post comments here with and your Steam name or email so that if you win, I can actually give you a copy of Dead Pixels.

You will need Steam to play this game!

3. Wait two weeks and cross your fingers.  Winners should be announced on June 14th.

I’m a huge fan of puns and your entry doesn’t have to be huge, you just have to get me to like it.

Love it or hate it, let me know!