20 Registered Users Hmmm…

Well, I’d love to say that this site has come a long way, but I don’t really think it has.  It definitely looks a nicer than when it started, that’s for sure.  Sooo… I’ll go ahead and take credit for that!  So I figured I’d do something for the readers of this site, when I hit 25 registered users I’ll do another give-a-away.  I’m not going to tell you which one either, and if I keep getting more I’ll definitely do more.  (I’ve got at least five planned as of right now.)

I’ll keep you posted on when we hit the mark, or you may just notice a that I’m doing another contest.  In all honesty, with the small reader and even smaller reply-er base, I’ll probably keep it simple and have it based on who makes me laugh the most or comes off as the most original while not offending me.  Either way, I’ll keep you posted!  Here’s to the next five people and the twenty that already registered and may or may not even post!

PS:  I’m not out to make this the next “big thing” website, but I could live with a small active community that comments or jokes on my opinions.  Remember though, if you troll me hard, I may just rewrite you post as something completely random.  I’ve done it before to one of those “buy crap from my site” people.

Here's a random picture of Geralt (The Witcher) being a eco-perv and looking goofy.
Here’s a random picture of Geralt (The Witcher) being an eco-perv and looking goofy.

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