Making a Wish

making a wish
Far left is Creator and far right is MarineKing. Benjamin is the dude with the Make A Wish shirt on and I have no idea how the dude with the huge smile is… sorry randomly wavy hair dude.

“Benjamin, a wish child with nephropathy, has been a dedicatedStarCraft II fan for years. With help from Blizzard, Benjamin’s wish came true when he travelled from the US to Korea and played against gamers from Prime, his favorite StarCraft II team. Everyone in the audience shared his joy – that’s the power of a wish!”

That’s freak’n awesome!  There people poking fun at Ben’s wish, but you know what?  Shut it!  It’s this dude’s wish and he got to meet with people he saw (and I do as well) as celebrities.  That’s awesome for him.  He also got to travel to Korea!  I will pray for Ben, I wish him the best.

Love it or hate it, let me know!