And The Winners Are….

The wait is over and the winners of the A Virus Named TOM contest have been selected!

The winners entries are listed below in no particular order.

First – Alex Kueneman:

A personally drawn TOM virus, awesome!
A personally drawn TOM virus, awesome!

Second – Shane Warren:

“Well Jon as you know.. I am a grad student… lowly… poor and overworked. Therefore, to ease my pain and give me something other than youtube to distract me from work… I think A Virus Named TOM would also help me hack my thesis together without losing my sanity…
Its not cheeky… its not poetic… its the truth…”


Third – Royal Woods:

“I should win a copy of A Virus Named TOM because without it my life will be empty and pathetic. I will be left spending my empty evenings watching reruns of 70’s sitcoms and drinking sugary soft drinks. Help me!”


I love the mix of humor and cold hard truth in your entries guys.  They gave a few lol’s and eye rolls and I always appreciate them both.  Thank you everyone for entering!  To all those that didn’t win, keep checking back in for the next giveaway.  Spoiler alert: it isn’t planned yet, but it will happen.  Thank you again and the gifts will be sent shortly!

Love it or hate it, let me know!