Nintendo’s WiiU Storage Issues?

So there is some anger on the internetz today. I know this is shocking as everyone on the internet is usually so calm, collected, and generally thinks about what they say before they type it.  Alas, the new Nintendo Direct from Japan came on the scene from the 14th of Nov. with some information on how storage in the WiiU will work.

We all should know by now that there is an 8GB and 32GB version of the WiiU.  However, like most harddrives, you will only be getting 7.2GB and 29GB respectively(ish).  Which also means, since they use 4.2GB of it already, you will basically only get 3GB and 25GB to play with on your brand new WiiU.

There’s 4.2GB in the left one and 4.2GB in the right one, but how do I get 3 gallons in one so when I put it back on the briefcase it doesn’t explode?

They recommend using a mass storage device over SD cards and USB jump/thumb/stick/whatever-your-parents-call-them drives due to speed, but also felt it unnecessary to make it USB 3.0.  I figure they figured that the speed on a normal drive was good enough which is good enough for me.  Also important to note is that if you use a drive for the WiiU, you won’t be able to use it with any other devices (pc or gaming system) because “it will be formatted to the WiiU” (my wife finished for me because she knew the answer already).  That caught me off guard since she didn’t watch the Nintendo Direct with me.  While she’s not an IT major, this isn’t secret rocket surgery, as this is how all drives work..  She then smirked and told me “I [she’s] gotz the smartz”.  Man I love my wife lol!

Final note for me is that it can only use a max of 2TB.  You can hook a larger one up, but it will only use 2TB.  That’s a lot in case you were unsure about it.  Right now you can only use one external drive.  Later you will be able to use two for easy transferring.

There is nothing surprising or sneaky about this at all.  Nintendo is just letting you know how to work their devise before you get it.  If you want to go digital, you’ll need to buy extra storage.  If you’re just looking to save your game, you should be fine.  Simple as that.  The world isn’t going to end, but just in case it does, make sure you grab your towel and remember not to panic.

Here’s the full version of Japan’s Nintendo Direct for the 14th of November for your viewing pleasure.  Spoiler alert: it’s in Japanese.

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  1. shane November 16, 2012 1:07 am  Reply

    I see and understand, I am just curious as to why a larger drive requires a larger amount of space to hold system files.

    • Ailingforale November 16, 2012 1:46 am  Reply

      Lol, I’m not sure either man. It might be that Plus stuff that the deluxe versions get when you buy stuff online… maybe.

  2. Mary Amarelo November 16, 2012 1:47 am  Reply

    Apparently, I’m not turning Japanese, since I didn’t understand the video,other than Nintendo, internet, and WiiU. However, I think it’s good that they are giving people a heads up about the storage. It’s better to be forewarned than to run out of storage room in mid download.

    • Ailingforale November 16, 2012 2:10 am  Reply

      I’m pretty sure you also caught terabyte, but I agree. Even though the 360 has a model out for a while with a 4GB drive in it, some people may still not think that the WiiU will operate like they expect a console should.

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