Live Streaming

We here (and for now I mean me) at The Videogame Backlog do live stream games. I’ve got a few buds that do the same. With the amazing power of the internet you can watch from the safety of itself without ever having to leave. Knowing that if you love something, you’ve also got to let it go, I won’t stop you from watching it over at Twitch either. It’s our broadcaster of choice right now.

2 Newbs & a Game

I stream over at Twitch on Thursdays and Fridays at 9-10:30PM PST. We try to end on time, but we usually go over. I wish I could stream more, but life constraints and such, blah blah blah. It’s a channel that I try to play mostly co-op games with my co-op buddy Peaceful Lambs on something I like to call 2 Newbs & a Game. Sometimes we shine; other times we live up to the name so I figured I’d keep it. It’s subdued fun because while I’d love to be a lot louder, I stream after I put my kids to bed. I do not want them waking up…

Anthony B.’s Stream

Friend of the stream and past fellow contributor to The Backlog. He’s a great guy who also enjoys streaming a little bit of everything, but his schedule is all over so don’t ask me when his times are. Blame that on his job. Still, if  you can catch him online, drop in and say hi!