(Impressions) Panzer Arena

If you’ve been yearning for an arena shooter, but don’t want your traditional Unreal or Quake style game, then there is something coming very soon that will fill that void in your soul and Panzer Arena is that game. It has the same feel of those classic shooters, but with tank controls. Not those crappy ones from the original Resident Evil games (if that bothers you to read that, you’re sucking down a lot of nostalgia).

Seriously though, I was so confused on why my tank wasn’t going in the direction I wanted it to at first. I’m over here pushing W and my tank is driving away from my enemy. Then the last two braincells where able to make it though the rocks in my head to rub together and remind myself that the orientation of your tank matters. It’s pretty obvious which direction was forward, but not if you’re not paying attention. After that I stopped being as horrible. Eventually I learned to turn mid-air (because sweet jumps are a thing) and shoot my opponents in the back as I leaped over them. I can only assume that people will also get better when more people play it after it launches. Then I’ll get rightfully stomped because I don’t dedicate enough time to gaming as I used to. (Oh life and time, my two cruel mistresses.)

Aside from being fun, Panzer Arena makes me feel like I’m playing with my military Micro Machines again. If I’m able to read correctly, it’s also looking like the price of admission is free. I’m guessing that means we’re going to be looking at stylish skins and maybe wobbly flags on top kind of like Rocket League, but cooler. (No offence, but I just never really got into it.) Depending on the skins or whatever they plan, I could see myself plunking down some money for this game easy. Hopefully, this being an indie game, they will be coming from a non-P2W standpoint. That could really be the only possible negative to look out for. I’m personally hoping that I’m right and that it’s all just cool aesthetic stuff. I mean, you have to monetize it somehow right?

I can’t say anything here that wasn’t already mentioned above. I’m excited for Panzer Arena. I think you should be too. It also listed as F2P so you don’t really even have much to lose from trying it out. It just needs to be here already.

Further Reading on Panzer Arena: Steam / YouTube

Love it or hate it, let me know!