Aaaaand This Time I Mean It… I Think

Give a man more time in a day and he will still run out and wonder where it all went. With two kids and a new job, I think I’m actually going to take myself seriously this time. I know I’ve been saying it for years, but I’m needing to slow my row down a bit. As my kids get older they are requiring a lot more attention. I know this site doesn’t have the largest following and I’ve never intended to take over the internet, but wouldn’t that have been cool? To be able to do this full-time would have been awesome… maybe some day later I guess.

I’ll be taking less free games from devs and only take ones that I can see myself really enjoying. I probably won’t even take all that interest me as to not put any undo pressure on myself. That, and I think I should probably focus on the list of games that I’ve got already since I haven’t really been attacking my backlog like I had originally planned with this site. I was going to tackle it “one game at a time”, but I’ve been adding more games than destroying. I’m thankful to all the devs that have reached out to me because of this business. It’s all very cool and I can’t believe how far it’s actually come in relating to some of these guys.

Good golly it sounds like I’m calling it quits, but that’s far from truth. I’m working on reviews for two games now: Avernum 2 from Spiderweb Software and Blackguards 2 from Deadalic Entertainment. I’m enjoying both greatly, but jeez did I have to accept two large RPGs together? Stressful move on my part eh? I’m hoping to have something up for Avernum 2 next week and possibly something up for Blackguards 2 the week after. After that, probably something ever other week, still on Thursdays. It seems to be a good day for reviews and such even if it does catch me by surprise every week. (Stupid Thursdays…)

A man should not neglect his family and so mine will be coming first and with this out there now, I can feel less bad for not putting something up on the site every week. Phew! That’s a weight off my shoulders. I may throw more opinion pieces out there, but I’m not really too into those in the first place since the internet is already way to full of that stuff… even if my opinion is better (in my opinion at least). It would be neat if more of the people who have contributed in the past would give out more, but I’m not going to pressure them or anyone else since this is my baby and well… I’m not paying them anyway right? I’m still on the lookout for more people to join this community, but it looks like we’ll be staying as a quite better version of a review site in a corner of the internet for now. It’s fine though, it’s comfy and I’ve got Oreo’s.

Jonathan Amarelo Sig

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