Following My Schedule… Sort Of.

So with the new schedule implemented and all that jazz, I’ve been doing my best to following it.  That is except when I forgot what day it was and thought that Wednesday was Tuesday and I didn’t GRO all day yesterday.  Give me a break, I’m almost done being sick here!

I thought I’d jump in real quick and tell you that I’m still working on the interviews (albeit slowly, sorry everyone) and I’m trying to stream more as well (did it twice this week!).  That means you can stop on by!  I’m mostly on in the afternoons right now so 4pm-ish PST.  Today I may be on around 1-4pm PST baby willing.

On a different more awesome note:

Holy Crap! Click for a larger version…

That is a TON of awesome games for only $5 right now.  So get your butt over to the Humble Bundle webpage and spend like $10-$15 or more if you’re feeling nice since this is a charity and stuff!

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One thought on “Following My Schedule… Sort Of.

  • September 20, 2013 at 07:19

    A buddy of mine who actually owns most of these games, bought this bundle for the soundtracks alone… I’m tempted to do the same…


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