Frustration With This Theme & Possible Changes To Come

So without going into to much detail, the “recent” update to the theme I chose has really messed me up as I’m trying to move forward with this site.  I want to add new features and the updates don’t jive with the basics of WordPress’ structure.  I will be playing with some themes for a bit and hopefully I can find one that works wonders and I’m not going to be stuck… or maybe I can just get rid of that fancy schmancy 3-buttoned update widget to the right there.  No time frame will be given, I’ll just be messing around.  If you see a change you like, leave a comment below.

I might need to put on my Dwarf hat for some hardcore thinking…

Dwarf me


You’ll pardon me if I just give into the easy way out and repost some stuff right?  After all, the internetz is a forgiving place amiright?

*Update 2/18: I’ve just finished reposting and falsifying post dates so things look roughly as they should other than doubling up on ten posts.  It’s a necessary evil right now though and I’m just moving on from here on out.  I’ve closed the comments on the reposts and placed disclaimers and links to the original posts for ease of use.  With that out of the way, though, I can now continue to look at other theme options again.  I just love that picture slider so much…

Love it or hate it, let me know!